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The Effects of Smoking

Each year, more than four million people die from smoking. Of course, we all accept that smoking is bad for health, yet a lot of smokers continue to smoke. This essay aims to create a greater awareness of the effects of smoking on health, family and economy.

To begin with the impact of smoking on health, heart disease is on top of the list of diseases which kill smokers. Terry Martin noted that on a global level, there were 1,690,000 premature deaths from cardiovascular diseases compared with 850,000 lung cancer deaths. Also, recent research in the UK shows that smokers are five times more likely to have a heart attack than non-smokers.

With regards to the effects on the family, the family members of smokers have to face with a chance of becoming secondhand smokers—non-smokers who breathe in nicotine and other toxic chemicals as smokers do. The effect of smoking on non-smokers is even worse if you have children in your family, for toxic chemicals and smoke can trigger asthma attacks and other diseases in many children.

Regarding the effect on the economy, it doesn’t go too far to say that the financial burden from smoking illnesses impacts the government expenditure because a large sum of money has been spent on medical treatment to for smokers. For example, according to the estimate by the Centre for Health Economics, the University of York, the UK government has to pay £610m a year for treating smoking related diseases

In conclusion, smoking causes health problems to not only smokers but also secondhand smokers in their family. Smoking also contributes to an economic burden in the form of curing smoking illnesses. Last but not least, for smokers, don’t forget that everything has a price to pay. Now you may buy your short-term happiness each day with a small amount of money; however, in long-term, you either pay a large sum of money on medical treatment or pay with your life.



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